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B.B. Belinda Wigliner

B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wig liner
B.B. Belinda Wigliner

B.B. Belinda Wigliner

B.B. Belinda Wigliner

A comfortable and practical wigliner with 37.5® Technology, which will leave the sensitive scalp pleasantly refreshed and the body in an optimal 37.5°C core temperature under your preferred choice of headwear. B.B. the wigliner has a narrow silicone edge which ensures that the hat always fits well and feels comfortable to wear. The middle part of the hat is made of a light and fine almost transparent net, so you don't have to worry that the wig liner will be visible under your wig.

  • 37.5® Technology wig liner
  • Helps maintain a core temperature of 37.5°C
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • No annoying seams
  • Internal silicone band so that the wig liner stays under the wig
  • Light and almost transparent net at the front so that the wig liner cannot be seen under the wig
Made from 69% Wool, 31% Polyester - 37,5® Technology treated with Aloe Vera
Size 50-58 cm
Shown colour Light tan
Clean Handwash only

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If you want to measure your head before you order, do it as follows:

Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference. If you don't have one, use a string to determine the circumference and then take the length of the string with a ruler. Take the size at the largest part of your head, from the back to directly above the eyebrows.

Do you prefer to wear a hat over the top of your ears (looks often nicer), then also measure over the ears to get the right size. That means a bit lower, than shown on the picture.

  • 48 - 52 cm (18.90 - 20.47 inch) child size (approximately 2 to 8 years)
  • 50 - 53 cm (19.69 - 20.87 inch) fits size S, S/M and One size Fits Most
  • 54 - 57 cm (21.26 - 22.44 inch) fits sizes S/M, One Size Fits Most and M/L
  • 58 - 60 cm (22.83 - 23.62 inch) fits sizes One Size Fits Most, M/L and L(XL)
  • > 59 cm ( > 23.23 inch) often man size

Example: A Top Tio will fit from approx. 51 cm to 59 cm. Meaning that at the smaller circumference there is a looser fit and at the higher circumference there is tighter fit.

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