You are visting a webshop from Feel-Better Favourites V.O.F. Mooihoofd / are tradingnames. The owners are Cathalijne and Sander van Waaij.


Lijsterlaan 57 - 3853 TB Ermelo - The Netherlands

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Use of personal data

The personaldata of customers are used by Feel-Better Favourites to handle and fulfill orders, payments and invoices (in our bookkeeping) carefully. Our webshop automaticaly sends out acknowledgements, shipping notifications and requests for a webshop review.

Who else can work with your personal data when you've placed an order?

Payments go via:


Newsletters per email are only send to those customers who have instructed via our website or via our Mailchimp registration page. Newsletters are send out via Mailchimp. They are not allowed to use your personal data (name and emailaddress) for other purposes. When you do not want to receive newslettes anymore you can either send an email back to us with "unsubscribe" or click on unsubscribe button/link in the newsletter. If there will be another method available, it will be mentioned in the disclaimer of the newsletter or email.

Keeping your personal data

Your personal data are kept in our webshopsystem and on our computer (emails). We keep these as long as legally necessary. The reason for keeping your data is to keep orderhistory and bookkeeping matching. The period the Dutch Tax Authority dictates for keeping is leading (7 years).


Of course you have the right to ask us what data we have on you. We will inform you upon your request.

Correction and/or removal

You have the right to correct your details or remove them. We will cooperate upon your request as long as we do not breach the legal obligations. If possible we'll make your details anonimous.


You have the right to make objection against us processing your details. However once you have placed an order we have to keep the legal obligations. 


If you have a complaint about the way we use your personal data and we have not given you an acceptable respond, then you can also file a complaint about us with the Authority Personal data in The Netherlands. But of course we'd prefer to solve your complaint ourselves by getting in touch with you to see if we can find a solution together.


Feel-Better Favourites uses cookies (little pieces of information that are placed in your browser and stored) to be able to track your visitdetails to our webshop like the visited pages. We uses this to improve our webshop. Besides this, cookies help to recognize you when you visit us again. If you do not want that cookies are stored then you can block them in your browser. Internet Explorer you can do this at: Internet/Extra/Security/Adapted setting. Turning of the cookies can cause the limitation of use of our webshop and services. If you accept the cookies you can always remove them later on manually.