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About us / our story

Our story tells our mission

To provide you with a riskfree, quick service when delivering products which help you cope with hairloss due to illness like cancer. Our aim is to make you feel better with our favourite headwear, hence our company name Feel-Better Favourites.

The Dutch webshop Mooihoofd was established in 2006 because there was only a limited choice for people with hairloss; a wig or some not too nice looking hats. There was an huge gap between fashion and the available hats. So enough room for improvement

Since then we have developped headwear in various styles to give the women some choice, like shopping for clothes, you want someting to chose from.
With all this in mind we have built our website with information about cancer, treatments, fashion, other related products like skin care etc. 

Since 2018 we want to look further than the Dutch speaking market and offer the products to English speaking market too. Hence our international webshop With our experience and motivation we want to help women feel better with nice headwear and advice. for women by women

Don't we like men? No, that is not the case. As men in most cases do not have too much problems with finding good headwear, for women there was not such a large product offering. So that is how we started; with a small team of dedicated women we take care of everything involved to be of service to you, focused mainly on women. From design, styling, production, managment, photography to shipping and customerservic, for every aspect we have capable women in place. But to be honoust, for the website and some other support we use men too as one of the current owners apears to be a man too :-)

Customer service

These ladies are part of our customer service. When you call the customer service number +31 238 882 885 you'll probably get one them on the phone. Most emails, calls and contactforms arrive at these ladies desk too.

Do you have any questions, need help or advice? Call these women during office hours.

They'll do their best to help you in English. Please be patient with us as we are Dutch and not native English speaking... In some situations it might be easier for both you and us that you send us an Email or write your questions via the contactform. That gives us a chance to communicate back in English or if you like that better - another language via a translation tool online.

From left to right: Els, Isabel, Barbara and Rachelle.

For more information about our customer service, click here

Packing & Shipping

In our fulfilment center our "colleagues" are in charge of the packing and shipping of your order.

They take care of the complete logistics of our company.

Our stock is being entered in their warehouse and when your order comes in our system and is paid, the information about the order automatically goes into the warehouse system. Then your order is being picked, scanned to check if it is the correct item, packed and shipped. In the evening of the day your order ships an Email is being sent out with tracking information (if available)

Our history

In 2006 Mooihoofd started because the owner saw that someone close was confronted with breastcancer and the consequenses. 

In 2017 Mooihoofd was acquired by Feel-Better Favourites, the company lead by Cathalijne and Sander van Waaij. Cathalijne has worked as doctor (GP) for 10 years before taking on this new adventure. Sander is an entrepreneur and has several webshops. Together we have medical knowledge and business experience.

Do you want to know more about us? Just ask!

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