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"​Your hands are your calling card

Have you ever heard that said? Then it is good to know that certain chemotherapy, including Taxotere, is not that kind to your nails. The consequences vary per person. Your nails can become dry or soft, discolor, peel off or crumble.

Tender love & care

The most famous 'cure' is nail hardener, but please read the following carefully first. Formaldehyde makes nails to split and break, because it makes your nails less flexibel. It will stiffen your nail plate, and your naila will break or crack sooner. So with peeling, breaking, crumbling or dry nails the formaldehyde contained in many nail hardeners only makes splitting and breaking nails brittle. So don't.  An alternative is the top and base coat of Jennifer Young, bacause it doesn't contain formaldehyde. In addition, don't use remover too often, beacuse using remover is also not good for your nails.

Nail oil moisturizes brittle nails

When taxotere or other chemotherapy causes splitting and breaking nails, they mainly need hydration. That means good and often grease your cuticles and nail surface (for example with Defiant Beauty Nail Mask) and use as little nail polish remover as possible. Also don't forget the nails of your feet. You can also use nail oil (for example Defiant Beauty Nail Oil), which is absorb easily.

Gel- or acrylic nails?

Do not do during chemotherapy! Also not to cover up discolored nails or to strengthen brittle nails, there are other solutions for that. The reason why you should not do it is because bacteria can easily grow under the gel and acrylic nails and that is not nice if you have low resistance during chemo.

Do you want to paint your nails?

Do you want to apply a color to your nails? Or do you want to hide a discoloration of your nails? Then you could paint your nails but the nail polishes that you can buy in the stores are too aggressive and contain substances that can irritate. So don't use those. If you still want to go for a color on your finger and / or toenails, check out Jennifer Young's nail polishes. These are free of the most harmful substances and are colored with pigment to still get a good coverage. Unlike other Jennifer Young products, they are not completely free of chemicals but can be used during your treatment and afterwards. Much less aggressive and free of the 10 most harmful substances. In addition to a number of colors, there is also a transparent top & base coating.

The experience of our beauty specialist is that it works well to provide the brittle nail with a layer of firmness.

Always consult your medical team before using cosmetics during your cancer treatment. Guidelines can vary ward by ward and hospital by hospital. We don't want you to camouflage a serious chemo side-effect or nail-infection, so ask medical permission before you use nail varnish.

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