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Jennifer Young - care products during and beyond chemo

Care products during and beyond chemoDefiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty

by Jennifer Young

Mooihoofd is the distributor of Jennifer Young's products. These products have been specially developed by and for those who have gone through chemotherapy and want to continue to care for their skin with safe products. We are proud, because we know that these products help people to feel better.

The care products of Defiant Beauty, as the line of Jennifer Young is called, is 100% natural and completely free from plant-estrogen. This line can be used during chemotherapy. When you are done with chemo and also want to continue to use safe care products, choose a product from the Beyond Beauty line.

Jennifer Young products are specially adapted for use during chemotherapy and radiation *;

  • hormone-disrupting ingredients (phyto-estrogen and parabens)
  • without treatment-disrupting components (metals)
  • without chemical additives; preservatives or emulsifiers
  • free from sulfates, aluminum and paraffin
  • perfume free
Always consult the use of care products with your medical team/nurse. The advice on what to use and what not to use during your treatment may differ per hospital and department.

* compiled based on the requirements and wishes of oncology nurses, radiotherapists and women treated with chemotherapy and radiation (in the UK).

There are products for care of:

  • lips,
  • scalp
  • feet,
  • hands
  • nails
  • skin

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The products are also very suitable if you have dry or sensitive skin. No harmful substances but good care of your body.

Beauty salon treatment?

If you would like a nice treatment with these products at a beautician, you can now do so in the Netherlands.

Make an appointment with  Mo-Unique  in Ermelo or order a gift voucher through our site. Is also nice to give and receive as a gift! The products are for sale at Mo-Unique after a treatment or via this webshop.

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