Your advice & tricks to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. We like to share them! In this blog you will find them all together.

For the sake of readability, we have divided all tips into different categories. Do you have another tip that is not yet listed? Leave your tips via a comment on this blog.

Because not everyone undergoes the same type of chemotherapy, it can unfortunately happen that remedies that benefit one do not help another. Decide for yourself what you want to try and always discuss the use of tablets or creams with your doctor or nurse before you use them.

Tic Tacs kunnen helpen een vieze smaak te voorkomen.

What you can do about nausea

Some good tips that we received were about what you can do against nausea during chemo. Please note that the tips mentioned are personal experiences, what works for one person does not have to work for the other. Below we have listed the most important tips for you:

  • Accupuncture one day after the infusion. As a result, there was no nausea or vomiting.
  • Eat sugar-free mints (no strong mint flavor) between meals.
  • Try to eat small amounts.
  • Eating ice cream helps against nausea.
  • Always allow fresh air into the room.
  • Wearing 'sea bands'. These are wristbands for motion sickness. It doesn't take away all the nausea, but it relieves enormously.
  • Drink coke.

A bad taste in your mouth 

After the chemo you often have a metallic taste in your mouth that is very difficult to get rid of. And this also makes the food more difficult. Fortunately some readers benefited from the following two 'means' of removing this bad taste:
  • Take a simple Tic Tac. Despite the fact that there are several mouth-watering sweets and sprays, a simple Tic Tac turned out to work as the best.
  • Or take a coin drop.

Keep moving

During chemo, it is difficult to determine how much energy you have left and to estimate what you can and cannot do. You also had some good tips for that:

  • Take a bike ride with a tandem. This way you can enjoy a bike ride, but you don't have to worry about coming home exhausted.
  • Walking with the dogs. These 'best friends' can pull you through during difficult times.
  • Try to keep exercising and keep moving to combat fatigue and stay in shape.
  • Eating yogurt (in the morning and in the evening) gives extra proteins that are good for muscle building. If you combine yogurt in the morning with kiwis and linseed, this also helps with bowel movements after the chemo.
  • Keep applying makeup and putting on your daily clothes, this will give you a better feeling.
  • Save your energy for the fun things. If you feel as good as you go then don't do useful things like doing the laundry, but use this energy to do the things that make you happy and that give you energy.

Gelnagels? Overleg altijd eerst met je dokter.

Tips for your nails during chemo

We have recently created a blog about how you can keep your nails well during chemo, but many tips from you were also about this topic.
  • If a nail has fallen off, regularly take a hand or foot bath with, for example, Badedas Douche to prevent ingrown nails. Your feet become 'soft' in a foot bath and it is also relaxing.
  • Use a nail mask or nail oil from Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer, safe to use and really useful to strengthen your nails and improve the quality of your nails.

Tips to prevent mouth problems and wounds

Your mouth may start to burn during chemo. However, there are a few tips that can help you prevent wounds and other mouth problems:

  • Start brushing with a soft toothbrush and Paradontax from the start. Paradontax is already a salty toothpaste so it is not necessary to rinse with salt water after every meal.
  • Chew small pieces of frozen pineapple. You can keep the pineapple in small portions in the freezer, so you can always take a small piece of pineapple to chew on throughout the day.

Loratadine helpt bij de pijn van Neulasta-Injecties.

Other useful tips

In addition to all the aforementioned tips, we have also received a number of other tips that cannot be categorized directly. However, we do not want to deny you these good tips.
  • Use a smooth pillowcase, a so-called 'hairdresser's pillowcase'. This ensures that your hat stays in place when you sleep. That way you wake up less often and you sleep better.
  • Neulasta injections cause severe bone and joint pain. A daily Loratadine tablet (10mg), an innocent hay fever remedy, freely available at the drugstore, helps against this.
  • Hand-foot syndrome is a side effect of chemotherapy. This side effect is not that common, but to prevent it you can rub your hands and feet twice a day with cod liver oil.
  • A wig also has disadvantages especially if you want to start activities and there is wind, for example. A good tip is to put a scarf on, so that the wig stays in place better.
  • Coconut oil can help against fluffy hair that is starting to grow back. The coconut oil can be withdrawn overnight
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