Each season has it benefits and downsides if we look at headwear like hats, caps and scarfs. And as always, you'll only find out once you have to deal with it.

When the days get colder, we'd like to help you with some tips and tricks to keep your head warm!


In wintertime, you need outside more warmth than inside. You can make every hat, cap or scarf warmer by wearing a basic hat (Top) underneath it. Benefit for this is that you can pull the Top over your ears so you can keep them warm.

Trendy for in the winter are the knitted beanies like the Beanie Courtney in blue or beige (see picture below). When inside a hat without inside fabric is fine but when it is outside below 5 to 7 degrees C you really need more. Look for a hat or beanie with 2 knitted layers or a knitted outside with a fleece cover inside.

Are you going out like movies or family / friends visit remember that you need a warm hat is for outside. Inside it could be too hot to keep it on. If you wear a thin beanie or other thin hat like a Top TIO underneath the warm hat then you can just take of your warm hat and still have the beanie or TIO covering your head. No need then to rush to a toilet to change your headwear.

Artificial hair or wigs

Are you planning on wearing a hat or beanie inside but for outside a wig or artificial hair?

Note that only your real hair can keep your head warm in winter and then it is sometimes even too cold not to wear a hat. So without your own hair it will be colder. Cold wind will blow right through your temporary hair and you can get a very cold head.

So in order to avoid that keep in mind that you'll need a war, hat or headband for outside to wear over your temporary hair.

Cold nights

In the night you lose a lot of warmth via your head. When you have to do without hair you also be cold sooner during your sleep. Especially when you are used to sleep in a chilly bedroom. A hat to sleep with can solve that for you.

Gladde topWhen your scalp is sensitive, chose a hat with as little as possible seems. Turn the hat the way you have the least issues with a seem. The light goes out so nobody will see it in case you think it looks silly. Your nightrest is more important.

Extra blankets will not help, you just need to cover your head. Maybe not the most sexy solution but it will help you to sleep better.

You'll always lose your sleep cap during the night due to you turning and movement in you sleep. This will happen to every hat you'll wear. Sometimes you are warm enough and you don't need it at that moment and sometimes you'll awake n put the sleep cap on again.

TIP: use a smooth pillow cover smooth pillowcase then your hat will stay on better and you'll wake up less times.


Usually we think that natural materials wear the most comfortable on a bold head. However in the colder times that does not apply to the hats you want to wear outside. Wool can become itchy on your sensitive headskin.

Fleece on the other hand is not a natural material but is very interesting in the colder period. It keeps your head warm without itching or sweating because of the ventilation of this fabric.

Acrylic fibers can also be very soft on your skin. Hats of Acrylic fibers or wool can be lined with a bit of fleece or cotton with elastan. Not only nicer to wear but also warmer than the unlined hats.

Wear unlined hats outside on the warmer days in autumn, spring. For the really cold days you'll need a lined hat or cap.

We hope that these tips and tricks help you. Do you have any questions just send us an email!