See My Headwear in Charly Short Film - Blind Faith.

BLIND FAITH – shortfilm about infinite trust. Based on a story written by C.E.E. Dekker.

Life is going great again. Zoe is happy and carefree. A few years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer but recovered from it. She goes for her annual breast check and the news of a potentially suspicious lump brings her mind back to the earlier period of uncertainty and treatments. 

Is her confidence strong enough?

Everyone knows someone in their environment or family who is confronted with a certain form of cancer. Then suddenly everything is different. It’s just about health. What used to be so obvious is no longer the case. Outside of all possible treatments and hospital visits, you get an annoying feeling of insecurity and confidence in your own body can drop to a low point.

To put a heart to everyone who is involved with this, I made  BLIND FAITH.

Do you want to see the short film look at: