Covering your head in the summer requires different measures than in the cold winter. How do you keep your head cool and beautiful when the temperature rises? Here you will find our tips, but above all send your ideas or experiences so that we can share them!

Breathable materials

Choose breathable materials such as Thermo-Cool, cotton, linen or viscose. Some polyesters are also satisfactory and can be even lighter than cotton while they also transport sweat better (think of dry-fit sport shirts). The a Top Plus is always possible, but is also nice 'good polyesters' in the summer, making an article often more expensive than cotton, so you can recognize it by, among other things. Cheap polyester scarves or hats are generally of 'sweat' quality.Een Top Plus kan het altijd maar is ook in de zomer leuk

Always keep in mind that most head covering does not block UV rays and that you first rub your sensitive scalp with a factor of at least 40 to prevent burns. We sell some beanies with UV protection 50.

Select a 'cool' model

Go for models that fit loosely around your crown. Naturally, it fits tightly around the forehead, ears and neck so that it stays in place, but the looser the rest, the more air can circulate, so that the smallest breeze can cool off. All parts that touch your head will feel warmer.

Zomermutsje Iris Sea 

With hats, beanies such as the Top ACA with UV protection and the summer hats Iris are a cool choice. The Iris is made of Thermo Cool polyester; cooling and moisture regulating. You can combine beanies and summer hats with, for example, a separate sun visor. Choose one with Velcro on the back so you can put it on and off while the hat stays on your head.

Sun visors keep the sun out of your eyes better than sunglasses and protect your face against sunburn.

Caps are therefore also a good choice in the summer.

After all, a beautiful sun hat is almost indispensable in the summer. The wider the edge, the better your face and shoulders are protected from the sun. Preferably choose a model that you can easily put in your bag and put back into shape when you take it out.

Wear a thin scarf or headscarf underneath and you can put the hat on and off without a bare head moment. In addition, a scarf under the sun hat is the ultimate movie star look, especially if you still wear large sunglasses!

Do you prefer scarves or headscarves?

Then have a look at the scarf bands from LookHatme. That is a band around your head, not a cap with an airy scarf above it. If you have a scarf yourself and you want to use it, you can read more in the article 'how can you tie a scarf'; Here are button tips and explanation about scarf ties, which are very comfortable and beautiful for warm days.

If you are tying a scarf or headscarf, make sure that you take the scarf at the crown as a last step after tying it and pull it up a little while keeping the rest of the scarf in place with the other hand. Repeat this on the back of your head. This ensures that it does not close tightly around your head (cooler) and gives more volume on your head (nicer).

Protect yourself well against the sun

Chemotherapy allows your skin to react differently to the sun than normal; faster discoloration or burning of the skin is possible. But you can also get brown spots or white pigmentless spots on your skin. These complaints are normally of a temporary nature. Always ask your doctor if you are allowed in the sun with your type of chemotherapy!

For those who prefer to defy the heat with a bare (brown) head, but also if you do cover your head;

  • Be careful with sun on your head and think a lot and often rub with a high factor, preferably factor 50.
  • Try carefully how your skin reacts to sunlight.
  • Avoid prolonged sunbathing up to 6 to 8 weeks after chemotherapy (source
  • Parasols, shade and head cover do not fully protect you against UV rays. Anointing then also applies.
  • Do you have to protect yourself optimally? There is clothing, head cover and even parasols with high UV protection. Slightly more expensive than the 'normal' product, but extra protective.

What should you look for when using a sunscreen?

Creams with a high UV protection filter can tempt you to stay in the sun longer, but only suppress sunburn, not other forms of skin damage. So always apply regularly, even with products with high UV protection filters. Use enough creme, thin applications lowers the sunprotection factor. It is a pitty that a lot of sunscreens have plastic package, so parabenes (= hormondisruptor) can leak in the creams.

More information sunprotection can also be found your national Cancer institute.