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15 Jul Cancer and vacation time
Mooihoofd 0 18822
Summer and summer vacation; a time for many to enjoy and relax. Away from all worries, activities and crowds. Enjoy a day at the beach or a walk in the mountains. It seems so obvious. The people in your own environment also become absorbed.Still, if ..
21 Jun Hair loss? Keep your head cool in the summer
Mooihoofd 0 5519
Covering your head in the summer requires different measures than in the cold winter. How do you keep your head cool and beautiful when the temperature rises? Here you will find our tips, but above all send your ideas or experiences so that we can sh..
10 Sep Big impact on external changes in cancer
Mooihoofd 0 2734
We know it like no other, cancer can have a big impact on your appearance. A webshop like Mooihoofd / would otherwise not have been necessary to assist you with hats and other products that you can use during cancer. We were given a p..
30 Sep Skin care for dry, sensitive skin
Mooihoofd 0 1207
Chemo and radiation cause dryness, sensitivity and irritation of your skin in most cases. It is therefore important to take extra care of your skin during your treatment to keep it in good condition. Extra lubrication with coordinated products can pr..
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