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15 Jul Cancer and vacation time
Mooihoofd 0 17777
Summer and summer vacation; a time for many to enjoy and relax. Away from all worries, activities and crowds. Enjoy a day at the beach or a walk in the mountains. It seems so obvious. The people in your own environment also become absorbed.Still, if ..
08 Feb 10 tips for your nails during chemo
Mooihoofd 0 8692
Have you ever heard of 'your hands are your calling card'? Then it is good to know that certain chemotherapy is not so nice for your nails. In this blog we want to reflect on 10 tips to keep your nails as good as possible during chemo.Your nails can ..
15 Apr Best advice during chemo for and by you
Mooihoofd 0 1968
Your advice & tricks to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. We like to share them! In this blog you will find them all together.For the sake of readability, we have divided all tips into different categories. Do you have another tip that is n..
03 Jul Hair loss during chemotherapy, often asked questions
Mooihoofd 0 12332
How does hair loss actually go? When does it start and when will it return? So many questions come over you, we help with answers. 1. Why do you lose your hair due to chemo? Chemotherapy has a cell-killing or cell growth-inhibiting effect. This not o..
30 Sep Skin care for dry, sensitive skin
Mooihoofd 0 1048
Chemo and radiation cause dryness, sensitivity and irritation of your skin in most cases. It is therefore important to take extra care of your skin during your treatment to keep it in good condition. Extra lubrication with coordinated products can pr..
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